Peace be with you

When I was accused falsely, I prayed for my false accusers.

When I was asked to submit my reply to the charges, I prayed for light and guidance.

As my kind lawyers helped me through the legal process, I always thanked God for them.

When my response was submitted to the officials, I whispered a prayer for the panel.

Months ago, I have left this heavy cross into the hands of my Lord, trusting He knows best.

There is much to do, I cannot be paralyzed by this gnawing threat.

The poor and the children, the youth and the confused, the least, the last and the lost need Jesus and I must go to give them Jesus.

God knows all we think in our hearts. God knows everything.

Nanay always told me “Anak.. hindi natutulog ang Diyos”.

Now that the government officials have seen the falsity of the charges, what can I do but pray as I have always been doing. I pray even more. Prayer is my duty. Prayer is my power. Prayer is my life.


I pray for those who concocted the calumnies and lies and wish them “Peace”.

I pray for the panel of prosecutors who listened to our explanation and saw the truth we carry, and say “Mabuhay po”.

I pray for Atty. Chris and Atty. Fely, brave and brilliant lawyers; I lift them in prayer and say “Salamat po”. I will never forget your goodness.

I pray for the unknown friends who offered prayers and hidden sacrifices when I was getting weary and tired. “May God help me to repay you”.

I pray for those who have been charged, I know the Lord will turn your anxieties into hope. Do not be afraid.

I return love and kindness to those who charged me falsely.

My revenge is forgiveness for my slanderers who relentlessly mock me. Seek good and not evil (Amos 5:14)

To all, PEACE! May the Lord heal our broken and wounded land!

Saint John the Evangelist Cathedral, Dagupan City, February 10, 2020, Memorial of Saint Scholastica


  Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan

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