Lord, I am wounded.

You alone can soothe me.

I am wounded in this battle.

I am hurt by the enemies.

I smile. I laugh as I cry inside.

I am longing for Your deliverance.

I long for Your assurance.

Tell me again not to fear.


Lord, if You have chosen me

to be wounded for Your glory

I accept Your will

with love and cheer.

If You have chosen me

to share in Your wounds

Gladly and boldly I say

Yes, Lord.


But please…


Lord, keep my wounds clean.

If You so wish…

Let them bleed.

Let them hurt.

Let them make me groan and cry.

Let the torment stay.

But please keep my wounds clean.


Let not my wounds make me a coward.

Keep me brave, safe from timidity.

Let not my wounds make me violent.

Bind me with Your soothing balm.

Let not my wounds make me vengeful.

Fill me with Your kindness.

Let not my wounds discourage me.

As I hold on to Your promise.

Let not my wounds make me bitter.

Fill me with Your tender sweetness.

Let not these wounds part me from You.

Stay with me in my wounds.


You love me best in these wounds.

May I love them even more than before!

As I hurt, let me forgive.

As I bleed, let me give even more.

As they mock me, let me wish them peace.

As they ask people to despise me,

Let me extend my hands in friendship.

As they rebuke me and humiliate me,

Let me repay them with prayers for mercy.

As I lose my strength slowly, increase my trust.

As I breathe my last, stay by me

Never allow me to be separated from You.

Let not my pains cut me off from You.


Lord, keep my wounds clean.


Do not allow them to become foul and festering.

Let me enter Your wounds, Lord.

In Your wounds, Lord, my own wounds find healing.

In Your wounds I have peace.

By Your wounds we are saved.


Through these wounds You love me best.

Lord, You are wonderful

Keep my wounds clean.

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