Honesty, Humility, Holocaust

“Just tell the truth, don’t pretend.”

Our experiences today are different from the story of the Resurrection of Jesus. Although they are different, there are also some similarities. First, when did they see a corpse that rose and ate, but is not a ghost? When did they hear about a person who was buried in the tomb for three days and then entered through a closed door. When did that happen? It is thus easy for us to understand why Thomas said, “I don’t believe. I need evidence.”

My dear brothers and sisters, when did the whole world experience a pandemic? When did we last encounter a virus, unseen with our eyes, that kills thousands of people worldwide? When was that? Based on history, it happened 100 years ago and there are no survivors anymore. For many of us, or for all of us, this is the first time. It causes confusion and fear because this virus is fierce. 

If you can’t comprehend today’s situation, think that it is just like the situation of Thomas who lost all hope because the person he pinned his hope on was nailed to the cross and he witnessed His death. If the situation is such, what can we do? What steps can we take to rise above the situation we cannot understand? Since it was the first time, we cannot understand what is happening. The events scare us.

The first is honesty. Just tell the truth, don’t pretend. He could not understand, even his followers understood. He said, “I can’t understand.” He did not pretend and was not influenced by others who said, “Go ahead. Because you said so, it is okay with me also.” No, he was honest with himself. He was honest with everybody. He could not believe and he said, “I cannot believe!” There is always salvation! There is always hope for the honest. Don’t we hear, honesty is the best policy? Weren’t we taught that the liar is the brother of the thief?

My dear brothers and sisters, if we are going through a difficult time, be honest; do not cover up. Be honest, stop fake news. Be honest, do not manipulate the truth. Be honest, tell the truth all the time! It might hurt but only the truth can set us free!

Following honesty, the salvation for the confused, the salvation for those who cannot understand is humility. The Lord showed the truth that it is Him! I am the Teacher who died and resurrected. Thomas did not boast and instead said, “My Lord and My God.” He could have made excuses. He could have said, “I still don’t believe. I want more proof.”

Weren’t we told, “If you want something, you’ll find a way to get it; if you don’t want it, there are many excuses.” Thomas could have made excuses. He could have said, “I want additional evidence. This is not enough.” But he did not do that. With honesty, came humility and he declared “My Lord and my God.” And even if he could not understand, he knelt and recognized the Lord. 

And how did the story of Thomas end? My dear brothers and sisters, according to history, St. Thomas spread the good news in the southern part of India, Kerala; and like the Lord he died… he was killed. He was not nailed on the cross, but he was stabbed several times until he was out of breath but his lips still said, “My Lord and my God.”

What does this mean? The third point we need after honesty and humility is holocaust. Holocaust means offering your life. The meaning of holocaust is standing by to the best of my ability to give my life. At the start of his story, he could not believe. The end of his story is about offering his own life for the Lord, who showed Himself as the Risen Lord.

Honesty. Humility. Holocaust. Are these what we are seeing during our time? Ten years have passed, do you hear about fake news? Ten years have passed, are you being paid to tell lies? Do we see the trolls? Do we have bashers who fabricate stories that are picked up in the air and then spread widely to be believed? 

My dear brothers and sisters, liars have no salvation. But do you know who is worse than liars? Worse than liars are liars who are arrogant! Liars who are arrogant. Liars who are proud. Liars who cannot accept their shortcomings. Liars who cannot accept that they need help. Liars who cannot accept that they need to correct themselves; we all need to correct how we deal with other people!

There is no salvation for the dishonest; and what is worse than dishonesty is to be a proud liar. Is this the worst? What is the opposite of Holocaust, offering one’s life? Killing life. What is its opposite? Killing a person. This means, my dear brothers and sisters, there is no resurrection for a proud liar who kills people because he does not need Lucifer to bring him to hell because he makes his way for his eternal suffering in hell.  

Thomas can be saved by his honesty, by his humility, and by his own story of holocaust. We also can be saved but now we have to stand up against and say no—I do not like lies; I do not like arrogant liars; and I will not side with arrogant liars and murderers because they are Anti-Christ.

My dear brothers and sisters, today is Sunday of Divine Mercy. The mercy of God is available if you’re honest, if you’re humble, if you’re willing to offer yourself in holocaust. Divine Mercy Sunday is also the Sunday to stand up for Jesus, to stand up for mercy, to stand up for compassion, to stand up for the Lord, to stand up for our faith.

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