There is silence on this day. An uncomfortable silence. A silence that breaks the cold. A silence that challenges our sins. The Lord does not speak as we gaze upon Him. But there are things surrounding the Lord that speaks to us words that we do not like to hear. Screaming and we become disturbed because there is something that speaks to us, one that is not supposed to speak.

The crown speaks. It is not a crown of gold. It is a crown of thorns. It is not a crown of gems. It is a crown that came from the garden. It wounds. It causes the blood the flow. Where was it placed? A crown is usually placed on the head. And what does the head symbolize for us? What is the crown of thorns saying to us during this time of Lent. It was placed on the head.

What does the head symbolize? Isn’t it arrogance, pride. Thus, the saying – His head has gotten big. When someone’s head is big, it means he is arrogant. He is boastful. But the head of the Lord was crowned with thorns. Not a crown of gold. Not a crown of gems. Thorns. And I am certain that His head bled. I am certain that the thorns were embedded in His forehead, in His scalp. This is the call for all of us.

The crown of thorns speaks to all of us my dear brothers and sisters, saying: “What are you bragging about? What are you holding on to that is so important? What is it that you are excessively proud of? Money. Friends. Friends in high places. What are you bragging about? Your education. Handsome face. Beautiful face. Lovely hair. Attractive body. What are excessively proud of? Whatever it is that you are proud of that is apart from the Lord has no value. Food. Health. Education. Friends. All such blessings came from God. The only thing that belongs to you that did not come from God is your sin and your weakness.

Saint Paul said – If I were to boast, I would boast about my sins. Not because I am have no shame but because I am proud that despite my sins, I was saved by the Lord.

What do you brag about? We cannot brag about our sins because sins should be repented and are shameful. What you should be proud of is that despite your sins, God loved you.

What do you brag about? What are you proud of? What makes your head grow big? Bring it to Jesus and let the crown of thorns speak to you – Everything that you hold important has no bearing. What is most important above all things is Jesus’ love for you, in spite of all your sins.

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