It is quiet now and as we reflect, we are aware that the Lord has stopped breathing. He was stabbed on His side. They did not hammer on His bones because it was clear that the man on the cross is dead.

He was stabbed on His side with a spear and from it brought a sudden flow of blood and water. If we are going to ask the doctors – Why was there water? Their answer would be that the spear pierced the heart, as well as, the lungs. The lungs no longer had oxygen. The lungs filled up with water that is why He could no longer breathe. With the stabbing and with just one strike, the lung was pierced. The heart was pierced. That is why the blood and water mixed.

How big was the wound? We shall find out the width and depth of the wound on Easter day. Because the Lord said to Thomas – Put your hand into my side. For a hand to be placed inside a wound, it means that it is a very large wound. The man on the cross has stopped speaking. The wound does not speak. The spear does not speak. But even though the spear does not speak, it is telling us something. When the heart was pierced, the spear spoke and said to us – What is it really that you love? Who is it that you really love? To whom do you offer your heart? And when the lungs were pierced, the water suddenly flowed from the wound. Water is life. The question is not only – To whom do you offer your heart? The question is – For whom does your heart beat? For whom do you live? Who do you love? Notice that my question is – Who? Because it would be a tragic life if the question is – What? Because objects are meant to be used. People are meant to be loved. Because objects, things do not have life that is as valuable as the life of a human being.

For whom is your life devoted to? To whom do you offer your heart? Who is it really that you love? What is running your life? What is the purpose of your life? Who? Family? Who? Boyfriend, girlfriend, crush? Who? To whom do you give your love? Whatever your answer may be, remember this – If the spear asked the Lord this question – To whom do You offer Your heart? The Lord will answer – My heart is for the one who holds the spear. The Lord will answer – I offer my heart to the one who stabbed me, to the one who wounded me. And to the whole world.

Are you the one holding the spear? Are you the one who wounded Him? Do not be ashamed. Do not be afraid. Because the Lord whispered to the spear – I offer my life to all who hurt me. My love and mercy are for all those who stabbed me on my side. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. To whom do you offer your love? To whom do you offer your life? The life and steadfast love of our Lord is for you.

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