Mary Mother of God

January 1st follows one week after Christmas.

One week past Christmas, we are looking at the one gave birth at Christmas.

It is true that the child is beautiful.

It is true that the child is to worshipped.

It is true that the child is cute.

But sometimes, we tend to forget about the woman who suffered through child-birth…

The woman who shed tears…

The woman who suffered physically in order to bore the child Jesus into this world.

January 1st is the feast day of Mary, Mother of God.


What is the lesson that Mahal na Birhen bestows on us?


I will share with your 3 Latin words.


The first word is Fiat.


Fiat is the first word.

Fiat Mihi Secudum Verbum Tuum.

This means – Let it be done according to Your will.


Do you know why the Virgin Mary is beautiful?

Because she is obedient.


Obedience makes you beautiful.


Because love is obedient.

And love makes us beautiful.


You want to be beautiful? Obey,

You want to be beautiful? Learn to say “yes” to the Lord.

Obedience makes you beautiful.


The second word of Virgin Mary.



Magnificat means – I magnify.

I glorify.

I give thanks.

I praise.


There are many reasons to complain.

There are many reasons to be angry.

There are many reasons to protest.

But there are more reasons to give thanks.

There are more reasons to give praise to the God.

We have been given more blessings than what has not be given.


First, be obedient.

Second, be grateful.


The third word of Mama Mary is – <  > to treasure everything in your heart.


That is what is lacking in us.

We may be obedient. That is good.

We may be grateful. That is also good.

But you must also give yourself time to be silent.

No Christmas carols.

No cellphones.

No chat.

Just keep quiet and treasure the love of God in your heart.


And when you start this way, even in the midst of the noise of new year’s, you will have peace in your heart because you know that in your heart, you have Jesus.




<   >


Yes. Praise the Lord. Glorify the Lord.

And treasure in silence, the blessings of the Lord.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

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