New Year’s Resolution

During the new year, in addition to our new year’s wish…we also like to make a new year’s resolution.

We have new year’s resolution because we hope this new year to be better than the previous year.


But when we talk about new year’s resolution, this means there is something that you want to change.

When we talk about that something that you want to change,

do forget about the world.

Do forget about the other people.

Start with yourself first.

Peace begins with me.

Change of the world also begins with me.


What should you change about yourself.

It is not just about your diet.

Nor your exercise routine,

Nor your health.

There is something much deeper that these.

What should be more important to you is your soul.


You have beautiful hair.

Then you must have more beautiful soul.

You have a beautiful face.

Then you must more beautiful within.

You have a healthy body. You must have a healthy soul.

What is your wish?

What is your new year’s resolution?

What are you ready to change for your sake?


When you are ready to change yourself, you will see the world change.

If you cannot find love, put love.

If you cannot see change, be the change that you want for the world.


The new year is a new beginning.

Do not be afraid to change.

Do not be ashamed to change.

Do not doubt your decision to change.

It is true that you are incapable but if you will seek the help of Jesus, you will be able to change.

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