I Kings 18:20-39

Elijah asks the Israelites: “Until when are you going to evade the issue? Are you going to worship God or Baal? When are you going to decide?”

At that time, there was Yahweh to whom Elijah was loyal. And there was Baal, the god of Jezebel and Ahab. People offered sacrifices to Baal because he sent forth rain. Each time they prayed to him the fields became green and the soil fertile.

Elijah then challenged the Israelites to decide whom they were going to worship. They were to offer a sacrifice each to Yahweh and Baal. Fire would the come upon the sacrifice acceptable to the true god. Elijah asked them to pray to Baal first They sacrificed the whole day but no fire came. Elijah mockingly said, “Pray harder. Your god must be hiding somewhere.” Still no response came.

Then, Elijah cut his sacrificial offering into half, poured water over it and told Yahweh, “Yahweh, show your power now. Let the fire come down or we both suffer in shame.” After entoning this, fire rained down from heaven, burning the sacrifice. After this exhibition of proof, the people decided to worship Yahweh.

All of us have to make decisions. Each morning, women decide whether to put on make-up or not. A decision has to be made about what dress to wear; what mode of transportation to take – bus or jeep or car – which Mass to hear.

Our decisions determine us. If you decide to worship the false god, then you worship in the false church and go to the false religion.

Imagine Elijah prompting you, when are you going to decide? When will you decide to stop lying? To be honest in business? To pray everyday? To be a good father or mother? To be an obedient son or daughter. Elijah urges you, “Stop evading the issue. Decide now.”

But even if you declare now that you have made a decision and shout out to the world, “I will follow Yahweh. I will stop lying. I will stop gossiping,’ ” you will still have to confirm and affirm that with small decisions that you must make everyday.

When you make a big resolution today, you have to live it through small resolutions day by day. And this is more difficult. It demands action. It is very easy to say, “Yes, I will serve God.” But it is not easy to say, much more to actually do, “Yes, I will live by God.”

Ask yourself: Until when will I take it easy? Until when will I postpone things? Until when will I put off my decision to change? Until when will I continue to live in sin? Until when will I continue to put off my confession Until when?

Time is running out. Until when will you straddle the issue? Face the question now. Give your answer now. And live by your answer beginning now.

I Kings 18:20-39
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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