Jer. 1:1-10

It is very difficult to tell people things they do not want to hear. This task becomes even more difficult if the people involved are our friends. When we tell our friends things they do not want to hear, they will not thank us; they might not even want to talk to us anymore afterwards. However, there are times when we must be ready to tell people things that they do not wish to be told to them.

Jeremiah, in our reading, teaches us how this can be done. Jeremiah was called by God to be His prophet. As a prophet, he had to tell the people of Israel that they were committing sins and must therefore mend their ways. But the people of Israel would not listen and Jeremiah persisted in telling them the message from God, to the point that he had to threaten them with death.

In like manner, Jesus Christ was also rejected because He told the Israelites matters they do not like to hear.

Maybe we will not be called to acts of heroism such as those of Jeremiah and Jesus. Maybe we will not be called to preach from the pulpit. Maybe we will not be asked to go to Araneta Coliseum or Rizal Park to tell people that we are sinning.

However, there are many instances when we will be called to tell some people things that should be heard. This can happen when we are confronted with an abusive spouse, an unfair host, an irresponsible co-employee, an addictive child, an errant friend, and countless others. When faced with such situations we have no recourse but to be candid because of our concern for these people. If we do not care for them, we will not bother at all.

Let us, therefore, ask the Lord for the grace to possess the courage that will enable us to be open to our friends; to be bold enough to tell them things that they may not want to hear, but which they must know.

Let us pray for the wisdom to be able to impart to them the truth in a manner that will be marked with our love and our desire for good for them.

In the same way, let us be ready to face whatever truth we must know; let us likewise be ready to listen to our friends, and accept with humility the truth that they will proclaim to us.

Let us pray for the humility to listen earnestly to things that we may not wish to hear. Let us pray for courage to proclaim matters people do not like to listen to.

Jer. 1:1-10
Only Jesus, Always Jesus


  1. Someone told me that God has spoken. Accept and move on. My reply: God has spoken?

    God has not spoken because God will not speak to us to choose the one who manifested a life in contrast to His Divine Ordinance. GOD IS WATCHING IN SILENCE as He allows us to exercise our free will, of how faithful we are to Him who has loved us so much. And in silence, He is allowing us to come to terms with our choices and accept the consequences. When we realize what we have done and call out to Him repentant and IN HUMILITY, then He will reach out to us and speak to save us again from our iniquities and sorrow.

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