Mt. 7:7-12

I will be two years this December since my assignment at the EDSA Shrine. I remember the first weeks that we were here at the Shrine. We were having trouble getting all the things necessary for the Mass. We started without even having a chalice. We did not even have a book. But gradually we were able to acquire the things we needed. The last vessel I needed for the Shrine was a monstrance for the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Cardinal Sin seemed to have overlooked the fact that we do not have a monstrance. When he asked to expose the Blessed Sacrament, I asked him, “How can that be?” He replied That is your problem. You buy a monstrance.” So, I went to the store where monstrances were sold and I fell in love with a very, very precious monstrance. That was how far I could go. I fell in love with it but I had no money. I had only five hundred pesos in my wallet and the monstrance cost something like 35,000 pesos. I could not afford it, but I said “If it is the will of God, I am going to have this monstrance by hook or by crook.” So, I prayed “Lord! need money, I have to have money because I have to buy that monstrance. I want to have it for the Shrine.”

One day, Cardinal Sin was invited to preside at Confirmation rites in one of the parishes in Muntinlupa. We were early and were ushered into the sacristy which was so clean, and spic and span.

The priest in charge of the chapel said, “Your Eminence, we just bought a monstrance for our chapel.” And when I saw the monstrance he was referring to, my heart nearly broke, and this was no exaggeration. For right before me in the sacristy was my monstrance. Really, I felt like a child deprived of a toy. I could not
concentrate during the Mass. After the Mass, we returned to the same sacristy and the monstrance was still there and the parish priest said, “Your Eminence, we have not yet donated anything to the EDSA Shrine. We just thought that you would be needing a monstrance for the EDSA Shrine so we are giving this to you'” I jumped with joy in my heart and the Cardinal quizzically turned to me “Why?” I said, “No, don’t worry.”

I told you that story to tell you how God has been so provident. I don’t know if the priest also bought it for Php 35,000 but the monstrance is now with us.

That is the story of God’s providence. Please do not tell me that miracles do not happen anymore these days. Miracles still happen for those who believe. Miracles still happen for those who have faith. Miracles still happen to those who abandon themselves completely to God.

“Put your heart in the right place. Not in money, not in prestige, not in popularity. Put your heart in My heart and I will make things possible for you.”

Miracles are not outdated realities. Miracles still happen for those who believe. Let us be capable of seeing miracles. Let us beg the Lord to make miracles in our lives. But first, let us beg the Lord to put our hearts in the right place. When our heart is in the right place, then everything becomes a miracle.

Mt. 7:7-12
Only Jesus, Always Jesus


  1. Wow! I do believe in miracles. Our will must aldo be the Will of God. I do believe that God’s hands is always outstretched because He is the God of love and generosity.

  2. I always look forward to reading Fr Socs mwssages of faith! Gid Bless Fr Soc more!😇

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