It is very human to seek a sign. Husbands and wives seek signs from each other. A kiss is a sign of affection. An embrace is a sign of love. A gift is a sign of concern.

There is nothing wrong with signs. Human beings need signs so that they can communicate on a more civilized level. A sign can actually take the form of human language or a body language. We need signs to be able to communicate.

What the Lord condemned was not the desire of the Pharisees for signs. What the Lord did not like was that the Pharisees wanted to test Him.

It is not bad to ask for a sign. But the Pharisees were not merely asking for a sign. They were testing the power of God. This is obviously wrong. If all they wanted were signs, there were many signs available. The presence of the Lord was already a sign; the miracles performed were signs. Even the very air they breathed was a sign. Being alive was a sign. What other signs could they possibly be asking for?

What angered the Lord was that the Pharisees were testing the power of God.

It is the same with us. People tell us that they love us and then we ask for a sign of this love. Are we asking for signs or are we, in effect, testing their love? Are we asking for a sign from God or are we actually testing God’s love for us?

If we are only asking for signs, then signs are there for us to clearly see. Without asking, the signs are given for us. However, what most of us are actually asking for are proofs. The reality is we do not believe. We lack faith. This is why, even if all the signs were given to us, we would still choose not to believe.

For somebody who believes, no sign is necessary. For somebody who does not believe, no sign will be sufficient; signs are of no use. Signs are not needed for people who believe. While for those who do not believe, signs become utterly useless.

Under the pretext of testing God, we use language as signs. Be honest, and truthfully ask yourself: do you believe or do you not believe? If you believe, there is no need for a sign. If you do not believe, no sign will convince you. Therefore, don’t ask for it.

If there has to be a sign, let it be us. Let us be signs for each other: Signs of our love, and signs of God’s love for each other.

Mk. 8:11-13
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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