If I see a man who is deeply in trouble and tell him to cheer up, I am almost certain I will get a bitter smile. He would probably reason out that I could say such words because I do not feel his pain. There are moments in our life when we feel so desolate, and then a friend comes along and tells us, “Cheer up.” To this we will probably counter, “How can you say that to me? You do not understand what I am going through.”

But there is a friend who is better and greater than your best friend. That friend is Jesus.

Jesus, our friend, tells us, when we are troubled, “Come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome. You will be refreshed. Come to me, cheer up, it is not the end of the world.” But unlike Jesus, we cannot tell him, “Come on, Jesus, you tell me to cheer up, you don’t know what I am going through.” We cannot tell Jesus that because He went through every pain that we are going through.

If you are mourning or grieving for the death of a loved one, please do not forget that Jesus also grieved over the death of Lazarus and Joseph, His foster father.

If you are grieving over finances, remember that Jesus faced the same difficulty because He had to feed 12 apostles while He Himself did not have any bed on which to place His head for the night.

If you feel you have been betrayed by a friend, remember that Jesus was betrayed by His best friend.

If you feel that your schedule is terrible, if you feel that your boss is bearing down hard on you, do not forget that Jesus also felt the crowd always pressing on Him, the crowd always running after Him, the crowd practically clawing to get everything out of Him

When you are in trouble and Jesus tells you: “Come and I will refresh you; come and I will cheer you up; come, there is no problem; cheer up, it is not the end of The world ” you cannot tell Jesus, You have never experienced what fam going through” He did experience what you are going through. Every pain, every ache, every anxiety, every fear that you have to face. Jesus has faced them ahead of all of us.

So the good news today is that Jesus, our friend, tells us, “In the face of your problem, cheer up. I have gone ahead of you, but I am always here for you.”

Mt. 11:28-30
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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  1. Thank you Lord for guiding us alway🙏please help us to keep in mind that u will never forsaken us.

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