I will share with you information that I do not personally believe in but is an interesting thought for today’s Gospel.

My priest-professor in astronomy in the seminary told us that he observed that daytime becomes longer after December 25 and becomes shorter around June 24.

What are special about these dates? December 25 is the birthdate of Jesus Christ and June 24 is the birthdate of John the Baptizer.

John the Baptizer said in the Gospel, “He must increase and I must decrease.” Is the observation of my priest-professor an indication of this desire?

When we give awards, we have a set of criteria from which to base the nominees’ strengths and positive points. But when we try to determine whether a person is the model Christian, we do not ask about how strong he is or how bright he is. We do not even ask how good he is. The question to ask when we search for the model follower of the Lord is how weak a person is.

Is he weak enough to allow the grace of God to shine through him? Is he weak enough to allow the grace of God to really come out from him?

Most of us, it seems, become “too good” in a totally human sense that when people look at us, they cannot remember the goodness of God anymore. For example, we become too good in public speaking, we become too good in writing, we become too good in singing that people admire us and forget the God who gives us these talents.

The question to ask now is, “Are we weak enough to allow the grace of God to shine through us?”

l am not saying that we should always blunder. I am simply saying that in whatever good we do, whatever good we are able to do, we should be transparent enough to point to the source of our goodness – Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only source of everything that is good. John the baptizer knew that. That is why he said, “He must increase, must decrease.

Let it be the same with us, 100. All of us have talents, All of us have people who admire us. All of us have people who appreciate us. But let it not happen to us that we boast, “Thank you for praising me ” Let us rather say, “Thank God for being good to you and me.”

Jn. 3:22-30
Only Jesus Always Jesus


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