I had a classmate who loved to boast about his family, especially his dead relatives who have chalked up achievements or who were regarded as social elites when they were alive. His stories about them had become so repetitive and boring that another classmate was moved to remark to him: “Your family is like a potato, all that are good are underground.”

This reminds me now as we reflect on the title of our Blessed Mother Mary. She was called Blessed not because of her relatives who passed away; not because she is the mother of Jesus or the daughter of Joachim and Anne. Mary is blessed because she fulfilled God’s Word. Thus Elizabeth says in the Gospel, “Blessed is you who trusted that the Lord’s words to her would be fulfilled.”

When we live God’s Word day by day as Mary did, then that is our blessing. As St. Augustine says, “Before Mary conceived Jesus in her womb, she first conceived Jesus in her heart.”

Mary is like that to us: A model of a real follower of the Lord; the epitome of one who truly lives the Word of God. As we exalt Mary on this Feast of her Assumption, let us be reminded that this extraordinary event is some kind of a preview for us. Mary’s assumption into heaven, body and soul, conveys the message that we, too, will be assumed into heaven, body, and soul, if we follow Mary’s fidelity to God’s word.

Ask yourself: What are you proud of? The only thing that we can be proud of is that we obey the will of the Father. When we do, then, like Mary, we can look forward to our own assumption into heaven. Let us ask Mary to help us be open to the spirit. Let us ask Mary to help us remain always faithful to the Word of God.

Lk. 1:39-45
Only Jesus, Always Jesus


  1. so easy to go easy on our faith; to justify our lukewarmness and to take credit for any worldly successes; yet those things doesn’t merit us pride, joy and blessedness. The real joy pride and blessedness is earned through Imitation of Mama Mary and her obedience to God. Jesus Himself showed us how. If we can endure blood, sweat and tears to earn a living, why can’t we endure blood, sweat and tears to live the path to real pride and blessedness?

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