People advise me time and again “you must take care of yourself because if you do not take care of yourself nobody else will take care of you.” This is why we have insurance companies and memorial plans. We want to be taken care of. Why? This is because we believe that there might be no one to take care of us when we no longer want, or are able to take care of ourselves This idea, however, is not based in Scriptures.

We can see from Scriptures that evidently, Abraham did not agree with the advice I get from people.

During the time of Abraham, trouble arose between him and Lot because their workers were fighting each other. To resolve the conflict, they decided together, probably saying: “Okay, let us just divide. Whichever you choose will be yours, whatever remains will be mine.” And Abraham gave the best part – the Jordan portion of the Holy Land – to Lot. He believed that even if he did not take care of himself, there would always be somebody who would take care of him – GOD.

Abraham did not mind being left with the less fertile land the less promising land. He gave up the most fertile, the most promising property to Lot. Just as he believed, Abraham was rewarded by God. He was rewarded with Canaan. He was rewarded by becoming the Father of all Nations.

The action of Abraham is given confirmation by the Gospel which says, “You must treat others the way others treat you.” In our words, these can mean “You must give to other people what you want the most for yourself,” God will take care of the rest. It is when you are able to give up what you enjoy and aspire for the most; when you can give up your very dreams so that others can become better persons; that there is real sacrifice, real love. Where there is love, God is always there.

Our celebration this afternoon is another proof of the Gospel message. We will offer simple bread. We will offer simple wine And yet, in our poverty, in the poverty of our offering, God responds. God gives us back, no longer bread, no longer wine, but His very body, His very blood. God is always like that. God cannot be outdone in generosity and God always appreciates the sacrifices we make. The Lord says: “Treat others the way you would have them treat you.”

Give to other people what you enjoy the most. Give to other people what you like the most. Give to other people what you love the most. It is not true that if you do not take care of yourself, no one else will. Rather the Lord says, When you have forgotten yourself when you have given up what you want most, then I will enter into your life. I will take care of you.

Only Jesus, Always Jesus


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