The Lord cast out a devil from a mute man, and what did he get for it? What did he harvest? He harvested the seven devils of jealousy of the Pharisees. We heard that the Lord healed the woman who had hemorrhage for twelve years. When the Pharisees saw that the Lord was curing a woman who was bleeding for twelve years, what did the Lord get in exchange? The Lord was met with suspicion that He had gotten into contact with the diabolical powers.

Isn’t it true, that when we do good, we meet jealousy? We do good service and we are met with suspicion. We try our very best, we give our very best in terrible situations, and then we are met with gossips and intrigues.

In the face of all these, we would likely give up. In the face of all these we would be discouraged and say, “I will not try to be different. I will just be like all the rest.”

But the Lord, who faced the accusations that He had forged a contract with the diabolical powers; who was rewarded with jealousy and suspicion; who was rewarded with intrigues and gossips for the miracles that He had done, could only say, “I have pity on them.” The Lord could only say, “Even if the response is like that, I will go on to do good.”

The Lord does not tire of doing good. The Lord never tires of being good. To be good, we must suffer the consequences. To be good, we need not expect that we would be applauded. There might not even be a word of gratitude. To be good, people will spread gossips against you. People will spread intrigues against you. To be good, people will just be jealous and envious of you. To be good, people will just suspect you of hidden motives and agenda.

The Lord never gives up. In spite of such rewards, the Lord says, “I Will continue to do good. I am good. And I must be good even if the people are not.”

Mt. 12:22-28
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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