I was once invited by a friend to officiate at their wedding. During the entire wedding ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice that the couple was nervous and edgy. Right after the wedding rites, I decided to ease the tension a little bit. I nudged the groom and told him that now he could kiss Mrs. Adriano. He immediately stood up, walked to the first pew, and kissed Mrs.Adriano – his mother. The groom went about the ritual of marriage failing to realize what he was going through, and that the Mrs. Adriano I asked him to kiss was his wife.

Our Lord Jesus Christ also received kisses, specifically from three different kinds of people. His first kiss came from a woman named Mary, His mother.

The second kiss came from a woman from Magdala, also named Mary. When she saw Jesus in the house of Simon the Zealot, she knelt down and cried until she could wash the feet of – the Lord with her tears. With her long hair, she dried the feet of our Lord and anointed them with perfume. She humbly stooped down and kissed the Lord’s feet.

The third kiss came from Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him in the Garden of Olives.

We proclaim our love for Jesus by our kisses to Him. Do we kiss Him like Mary, Mother of God, or like Mary Magdalene, the repentant? Or do we kiss Him like Judas, the Iscariot, the betrayer!

We cannot imitate the kiss of Mary, His Mother, because she is sinless, and we are not. We are thus left with the examples of the other two. Are we going to kiss Jesus like Magdalene, repenting her sins, or like Judas, the friend who betrayed Him?

The Gospel calls us to change our life. The keyword is conversion. This means repentance. If you kiss Jesus with a kiss of a repentant woman then you will see how the Lord will change you. You will see how peace will be restored in your heart. You will see how you can sleep again. You will see how you will be peaceful again.

Lk. 5:27-32

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