There are some things to be clarified as we observe today the memory of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

First of all, I would like to tell what the Queenship of Mary does not mean. It does not mean that Mary has almighty power in heaven. It does not mean that Mary has become God, like Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit. It does not mean that because she is Queen, she is wife of Jesus who is King. It does not mean those things.

What does Queenship mean?

When we say Mary is Queen, we simply mean that in heaven, Mary enjoys an exalted position given to creatures like us. She is first among equals. She is in heaven with all creatures and she enjoys prominence. The greatest prominence that can be given to a creature has been given to Mary and yet she is not god.

The Protestants and Fundamentalists, unfortunately, are attacking us for this. But they are missing the whole point. When we say Mary is Queen because Jesus is King, we are simply saying that the Queenship of Mary is only because Jesus gave her that honor. Jesus is King because he is a king and He does not owe His kingship to anybody else. When we say that Mary is Queen, it is because of the graces God has bestowed on this creature, Mary. By herself, Mary is nothing. It is only what God had done through her that made Mary so beautiful.

Another comparison which can help us understand is the relation between the sun and the moon. The moon by itself has no light. The moon gets its light from the sun and yet in the darkness of night, the light of the moon shines upon us. This is not because the moon has a light by itself, but because the moon is capable of reflecting the light that comes from the sun. Mary is like the moon in the darkness of our faith. She gets her light not from herself but like the moon, from the sun, who is Jesus the King.

When the moon shines upon us, do we blame the moon for reflecting light on us? It is not the fault of the moon that it accepts light. Now, when God, shines His graces upon this woman, why do we blame Mary for that? If we, by reason, accept that the moon’s light comes from the sun, therefore, we have to accept that the blessings of Mary are not of herself but because God has been generous to her.

Is. 9:24; 6-7

Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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  1. Thank you po for the enlightening explanation. We can now be able to defend our Mother Mary frim the attacks of other religions.

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