We all have different fears. Some are afraid of the dark. Some are afraid of their hidden secrets. Some are afraid of getting old. Some are afraid of being inexperienced, because of their youth. Cory is afraid of coup de tat. The candidates are afraid of losing in the elections. The military are afraid of wars. We are afraid of something, somewhere, sometime.

The Lord tells us today in the Gospel: there is no need to be afraid because the main gift of Easter, the main gift of the resurrection, is peace.

I ask you to relish, to savor the thought that the greatest gift the Lord gives us today, even as we celebrate the Eucharist, is peace.

But peace is not given to us without any conditions. Peace is given to us along with two keys that will open its door.

The first is forgiveness. Forgiveness, not only in asking forgiveness from God, but forgiveness in terms of forgiving other people. Those who are not ready to ask forgiveness from God will not have peace. And those who are not willing to give forgiveness to other people will not have peace. They will always be bothered, they will always be haunted by the memory of their sins. And they will grow even more bitter as they remember the sins of other people that they cannot forgive. The first key to peace, inner peace, is forgiveness.

The second key to peace is sharing. People who are not ready to share will not have: peace. People who think only of themselves will not have peace. People who get and get and get and do not give away will not have peace. These two keys are important for us to attain that single, very important gift which we all need, which is peace.

Let us reflect together on that great mystery. We all have fears, secret fears. We want to overcome our fears and the way to do so is to enjoy the peace of God. But I tell you, peace can only come to you if you have asked for forgiveness and if you are willing to forgive.

Peace can only come to you if you have discovered the sheer joy, the pure beauty of sharing. We will ask the Lord for the gift of peace. Peace rooted in forgiveness. Peace which is the fruit of sharing.


Mt. 16:9-15

Only Jesus, Always Jesus


  1. Yes PEACE is all there for us to receive and give but very often we allow it to bypass us by our selfishness.

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