February 2, 1991

Dear Eda,

As a priest, February 2 is always a special day for me because it is a big feast in the Church – the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple. Even before I entered the seminary, I considered this day a special day because my only sister was born on this date.

Today, February 2, 1991, takes on an even more special significance, because you will renew your religious vows devotionally. God knows how proud I am to join you in your renewed expression of dedication to God. Today, the Lord comes to visit His temple, His Holy people.

Simeon waited and searched for the Lord. Anna waited and searched for the Lord. Simeon was rewarded with carrying the Lord in his own arms. Anna was rewarded for her faith in the Lord who promised us that those who trust in Him will never be forsaken. May the commitment that you will pronounce today carry the same promise. May the Lord never forsake you; may you never forsake the Lord.

The Mass for today calls for the blessing of the candles. And I saw the candles being presented by the people for blessing, I remembered very fondly your mother, Ate Maria. She also presented a beautiful candle to the Lord – you. That offering has been accepted by God and the Lord is pleased with her offering.

But you are a very special and a very beautiful candle. Even the best candle in this world will eventually melt away. I know that long after all the candles have melted away; your love for God will never melt away. Long after tbe candle- light has been put off your love for God will continue to burn with, even gréater intensity as the years go on, here on earth, and in heaven.

Do you still remember how our old folks used to light candles everytime there was a thunderstorm, a typhoon or lightning? The candles did not drive away the storm but it kept all of us secure because by looking at the flickering candle, we were reminded of the Lord’s unwavering protection. The very poor blessing that I will give you during this Mass is like the candle of our grandparents. You will not be spared from storms but it will keep your faith alive even in the storm.

Jesus loves you, I love you too. May you see all your beautiful dreams come true.

In His Love,



  1. Thank you Lord for this Feast Day. It reminds us also that we should light the lives of our brethren esp.the less fortunate.

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