Jesus, my worries are too many, my anxieties much too great. I think my shoulders are too small for the crosses I have to carry. My heart is too small for the worries that engulf me. Lord, I cannot carry all these. Carry them for me. Lord, I cannot solve all my problems. Solve them for me. Lord, I cannot liberate myself from sleepless nights, from endless worrying. Set me free.

Jesus, Your design for us is not a trouble-free life. Your design for us is not a painless life. Your design for us is not a life without problems. You only promised us that You will be with us. Jesus, fulfill Your promise. Don’t let our hearts be troubled. Jesus, we claim that grace right now. Set our hearts free from troubles. You promised us. Do it right now, Jesus. Set us free.

Liberate me from my worries. Liberate me from my anxieties. Lighten my burdens. Do not let me be troubled too much, I might lose my faith in You. Do not take away the troubles in my life, I might forget You when life becomes too easy. Jesus, I pray as well for my brothers and sisters whose worries are greater than mine. Sometimes, Jesus, I think all the burdens are on me. But it is not true. When I look at Your wounds on the cross and I look at the sufferings of the people around me, I am just embarrassed. I complain too much.

Jesus, in spite of the worries and the problems I have to carry, help me to think of others. Help me to serve others. Help me to love others. Help me to understand others because when I do that for others, then I do that for You also.

Jesus In My Heart

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