We recognize a good painter by the artistry shown in his paintings. We recognize a good plant by the beauty of its flowers. We recognize a useful tree by the sweetness of its fruits. We recognize a good parent by the goodness of their children.

How do we recognize the goodness of God? By the goodness of God’s creations. When we look all around us and see how good the creation of God is, then in a manner of speaking, we are given a foretaste of the real goodness of the Creator.

St. Paul in the first reading, in his letter to the Romans, says it very clearly. “He Himself made it so, since the creation of the world, that we recognize the power of God through invisible realities.”

Brothers and sisters, there is none that God created which is bad. Everything that God created is good. There is none that God created that is evil. When we see evil around us, it is not because God caused it. It is because man spoiled the goodness of God’s creation.

The gospel speaks along that line as well. The Church is God’s creation. The Church is good, the Church comes from God. But because of the human element in the Church, there is some sin in the Church. Not because God is imperfect, but because man is.

Today at Mass, we will do two things: One, we shall praise God, we shall thank God for the wonder of His creation. Two, we shall ask God to pardon us for spoiling that goodness.

Rom 1:18-20
Jesus In My Heart

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