Jesus, I thank and praise You for all the people who have been angels to me. I thank and praise You for all the people who have spoken God’s words to me. Friends, loved ones, even strangers. People who told me what to do when I was most confused. People who encouraged me when I was discouraged. People who boosted me when I was down and weak.

Thank You, Jesus, for all the people who have been instruments of Your grace to me. For people who continually remind me of Your loving grace. For people who constantly remind me to be good and to strive to be holy.

I thank and praise You Jesus for my parents, for my brothers and sisters, for my classmates, for my officemates who have been so good to me in spite of what I am. They have been angels in flesh and blood. Your messengers; our defenders. I thank you and praise You, Jesus for these good, loving, angelic people.

Lord, let me learn from their goodness. As they have been angels to me, may I, in turn, be angels to them. May I, in turn, be an angel not only to the good people but to the bad people as well. May I in turn speak Your word to encourage and enlighten not only the good people, not only the grateful people, not only those who will applaud me but also those who will forget me, those who will ridicule me for doing it.

Lord, help me to be an angel without counting the cost. Help me to speak Your word without asking for any reward. Help me to enlighten other people’s lives without expecting for any repayment,

Jesus, thank you for the angels in my life. There are so many of them. Thank you for these people. I lift them up to You in gratitude, in praise, in thanksgiving. As I kneel before You, I ask a second grace. May I speak Your Word, may I share Your blessings, may I defend the poor, always in Your name.

Jesus, make me an angel,

Jesus In My Heart

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