Many women conscious of getting old find many ways of not letting their actual age show. Some dye their grey hair, others apply various creams to prevent wrinkles, and while there are some who go to the extreme of undergoing plastic surgery.

Many men, on the other hand, do not mind letting their age show because they say, age makes them more distinguished. However, you know men are old when they forget to zip their pants after going to the toilet. And they are really, really old when they forget to unzip their pants before going to the toilet.

Forgetfulness is associated with old age. But it is not limited to the elderly. Even young ones are forgetful every now and then.

Unfortunately, forgetting can cost us money, waste our time and even hurt certain people concerned. It is unlikely that there is one among us who can say he has not forgotten anything.

But the good news is, despite our forgetfulness, the Lord says, “I will never forget you.”

The description in Isaiah is, “I will never forget you. The mother can forget her baby, but Jesus never will because He has written your name in the palms of His hands.” Sometimes we feel we’ve been forgotten by God. Even Jesus Christ was subjected to this temptation when He said to God, “Why have you abandoned me?”

We may feel we have been forgotten. We may feel we have been taken for granted. We may feel what is important to us has been forgotten by our loved one. All this hurts. But I want to tell you, even if we feel we have been forgotten by God, it is not so. God is always after our welfare.

Some of us when subjected to so many trials, can’t help but ask the Lord what sins we have committed to deserve them. But during these times when you feel you have been forgotten, deserted by God, I want you to remember, these are the times God is closest to you.

Sometimes we feel God forgets us. Yet there are also times it is very clear God has not forgotten us. Let us look back with gratitude on such occasions.

Mt 27:46
Jesus In My Heart

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