Please picture in your mind what happened in the temple of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, forty days after the birth of Christ.

The priests were there performing the rituals. The women were there reciting their prayers. The laymen were there asking the priest to offer sacrifices for them. The others were busy bringing in their lambs and their oxen as sacrifice. In a manner of speaking, the temple was busy. The temple was exploding with the so many rituals going on there. Why were they offering rituals? Because they were asking God to come. Then God Himself comes in the name and person of Jesus Christ. God Himself comes carried by Mary in her arms and yet the people are still busy with their rituals.

The priests are still busy, they hardly notice God coming. The women are still praying, they hardly notice God coming. The laymen are busy, they hardly recognize the child Jesus coming to the temple as God Himself coming.

Are we spared from this temptation? I’m afraid not. Picture a woman or a man who is reciting a rosary. And then God comes beside him or her and tells him: “How are you?” And then this person tells God: ” Keep quiet, I’m talking to God!”

That is what happened in Jerusalem. God was there but they did not mind God for they were talking to the gods. God was there, yet they were too busy to recognize God already in their midst.

Brothers and sisters, those inside the temple of Jerusalem two thousand years ago were blind worshippers. I don’t like you to be blind. You are worshipping right now, but when God comes through, unexpectedly in a needy person, watch out!

Lk 2:11-40
Jesus In My Heart

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