The Scriptures say when the apostles prayed, the Holy Spirit spoke to them directly. When we pray, however,sometimes we feel that God is deaf to our prayers. We want our decisions to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, so we all the more do we pray hard, even consulting many people about how to perfect this task. It is easy to be envious of the apostles. But listening to the Holy Spirit is a process, and in my experience, entails five steps.

Before making a decision, the first thing we must do is to read the Word of God. Open the Bible and read it because what was written thousands of years ago still applies to us today.

Second, pray, because prayer is the strength of man and the weakness of God. When we pray, God always listens. Sometimes He says yes right away, but very often He answers us in His time.

Third, talk to fellow Christians. Talk to a priest, friend, soulmate or somebody you trust who is attuned to the Spirit of God.

Fourth, ask yourself whether God is telling you something in the graces and events of your daily life.

Fifth, look back and see where the Lord has led you before making a decision. Look to the past and at yourself today and you will be able to take a bold step in accordance with the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Do not be envious of the apostles. When you pray, the Holy Spirit always answers. Sometimes it is immediate; very often it takes time. When we pray, let us ask the Holy Spirit to come. He will, as He did to Saul, Barnabas and the first Christians. When we pray, the Holy Spirit talks back to us we only have to wait.

Acts 4:31

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