We reflect today on the majesty of the temple of Jerusalem. It was not only the temple that was majestic. The whole kingdom was fantastic. The whole kingdom was fabulous and had an equally fabulous king, King Solomon. Such was his renown that even the Queen of Sheba went to pay respects to the fantastic king named Solomon.

In spite of the fabulousness and the majesty of the kingdom it did not take long before that the kingdom became divided and began to crumble.
The greatness of the kingdom does not depend on what the eyes can see or on majestic structures wonderful to behold. It depends on the strength of the spirit and the heart. It is not what is outside that can make a kingdom strong. It is what is inside that can make a nation strong.

This is what the gospel says. It is not what comes from outside that makes us dirty it is what comes from inside that makes us sinful.

We bring it down to our nation. The kingdom of Solomon was fantastic, majestic and fabulous. It crumbled because it was not rooted in spirituality and morality. In the gospel, the Lord wants us to be careful of externals because it is not the externals that make a person holy. It is what comes from the heart that makes us pleasing to God. What kind of a nation are we building? What kind of a family are we raising up? What kind of a church are we establishing? Are we sure we are grounded in morality and in spirituality?

1 Kings 10:1-13 / Ik 11:41
Jesus In My Heart

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