It is not the good that we do that makes us worthy. It is not our human qualities that bring us salvation. It is the good and the power of God that bring everything and make everything possible for us.

The gospel speaks about hypocrisy. What is hypocrisy? It is pretending to be what you are not. Hypocrisy is putting up a beautiful front, when in fact, underneath is filth. Hypocrisy also means claiming you are independent. When you say you are self-sufficient, you are actually saying you can live without God. When we say we can live without God, we are not only proud, we are also hypocrites because we are pretending to be what we are not.

That is the truth, dear brothers and sisters. There is nothing we can do without God and there is nothing we are, there is nothing we have received, that did not come from God. God gave us everything, except that one abominable thing – sin. If there is anyone here who needs to be healed, keep in mind that only God can heal. All medicines, all human persons, are but instruments of the power of God.

Is there anyone who needs to change? All change can only originate from God. No counselor, no priest, no confessor, can change the heart of anybody without the grace of God. Is there anyone here who wants to get rid of a bad habit or a vice? Only God can do it for us. Not willpower nor inspirational books. It is only through the power of God that we can achieve. Without the power of God, we would be nothing. As St. Theresa says, God alone suffices.

Lk 12:1
Jesus In My Heart

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