There is no doubt that Paul was a very good public speaker. There is no doubt that he was a very intelligent and brilliant man. And yet in the first reading, while we hear Paul give his best speech, we also hear Paul give his worst homily.

Why was Paul a good speaker? Because he knew Greek philosophy. He also studied and knew his audience very well. He mastered the art of rhetoric. Yet Paul failed in addressing his audience and he only had a handful of converts after his oratory. Why? Because he failed to preach Christ crucified. He gave a sound philosophical argumentation about salvation. It was a philosophical, oratorical delivery, and yet many people were not converted because he lacked the power of Christ crucified. He could only apply philosophy and his gift at public speaking, to convince the people, and these were not enough. From then on, Paul learned his lesson.

Brothers and sisters, as Christians, we need not be good in public speaking. As Christians, we need not be good in oratory. As Christians, our expertise, our doctorate degree, should be in the crucified Christ. Because no matter what philosophy or what intelligence we may have, if we leave behind the crucified Lord, our words will be empty.

1 Cor 2:2
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Yes Lord please always send Your Holy Spirit in us everytime we speak so that only the good will come out of our mouth.

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