Saul and David could have been the best of friends. Both of them were Israelites chosen by God. Both were good and handsome. But Saul and David did not become good friends because Saul was jealous.

So many relationships, friendships, marriages and families are destroyed and cannot prosper because of that one vice called jealousy. Jealousy does not mean suspicion. It means being unhappy when somebody is praised. Jealousy means being discontented when other people are contented. Jealousy means being unhappy and sad when other people are more blessed. The reason why the friendship between Saul and David did not prosper was because of jealousy.

Jealousy is actually a sign of selfishness. But more than anything, jealousy leaves the jealous person miserable. The one who is jealous is insecure, always afraid and will not be able to discover true happiness. David discovered it. Saul failed because of that one vice called jealousy.

When somebody receives attention or a privilege we do not receive, what should our reaction be? Should we say: “Why not me?” But shouldn’t we say: ” Thank God for the privilege given to this him or her.” If your first reaction is: “Why not me? ” be careful. You are on the road to unhappiness, you will be miserable because you are a jealous person.

1 Sam 18:6-30
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