Absalom was the son of David, but he was wicked. He wanted to kill his own father so that he himself could become king. David afraid to die, fled from Absalom. Where did Absalom go? Wherever David went, Absalom went, in order to kill him.

David sought refuge in a very familiar place, the Mount of Olives. And he said to God: “Lord, if it is your will, let me be killed by my own son. I know that I’m suffering because of my sinfulness.”

The Lord also went to the Mount of Olives fleeing from people who wanted to kill him; fleeing from people who wanted to betray him. David went to the Mount of Olives running away from suffering. Jesus went to the Garden of Olives still in anguish because of an impending suffering. The difference was: David was running from suffering that he deserved. He was a sinful king, an adulterer and a murderer. On the other hand, Jesus was fleeing to the Garden of Olives, fleeing from suffering although He Himself was sinless. And did not deserve it.

All of us have to suffer. Some have to suffer from physical pains, from emotional pains, from social pains, from professional pains. Many of us suffer because of our foolishness or sinfulness. That is called divine justice. Manv of us suffer even if we are not wicked sinners. That is called love. When we suffer because of our sin it is called divine justice. But when we suffer though we have no sins that is called an invitation to love.

Let us look at every suffering we have to carry and ask ourselves why are we fleeing from every pain. Every pain is an opportunity for love, as every pain is a call to grow.

2 Sam 15:1-12
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Thank you po for the reminder. I’ve also read po, to offer our sufferings/unite to Jesus’s is like clouds that when full, it will rain. Those droplets are graces that showers many souls.

  2. God’s gift of forgiveness is offered to us all, but I am reminded that God’s justice remains.

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