Jesus, thank you for the gift of my life and the gift of my good friends. Thank you even for the trying times my enemies put me through. Thank you for healing me of my spiritual and physical illnesses in the past. Thank you for my parents, my loved ones and people who love me. Thank you, too, for people who do not love me. Thank you for people who praise me, and also for those who humiliate me. Thank you for people who make me happy and for people who irritate me.

Jesus, You are so good and everything is grace for those who believe in You. Jesus, You are so great. You even transformed the humiliation of Your cross into glory. Jesus, You are so magnificent. With you, my problems become blessings and my trials become gifts; my difficulties become graces. Indeed, Lord Jesus, if I trust in You, everything will turn into grace. Thank You for such love and magnificent power. You are so good to me, Lord Jesus, even if I am not as good as You. You know that I am not a bad person; I am just weak. You know how much I love you. You know, too, how much I have failed not because I do not love you but because I am confused. I am weak. I am lost.

Jesus, I ask you to pardon me for my sins against life; for taking life for granted, for taking people for granted, for choosing to keep grudges rather than to forgive. Jesus, pardon me for the impurity of intentions and the suspicions that accompany my gestures. Jesus, pardon me for my unkind and unguarded thoughts. Pardon me for lying; for my sharp tongue. Jesus, pardon me for thinking evil about others, for wishing misfortune to befall them. Pardon me for my gossiping; for being an instrument of intrigues. Pardon me, Jesus, for my covetousness, my obsessions, my wrong priorities.

Jesus, you know how much I love you. You know how much I have sinned. Do not look on the sins I have committed or the holy acts I failed to do. Look rather on the good that, carry in my heart in spite of what I am. Lord, indeed, You know everything. You know that I am not bad. You know that I am just weak. Help me overcome my weaknesses

Thank you, Jesus. I love you, Jesus, for sustaining me in spite of what I am. I have tainted my vocation to holiness and yet you have never abandoned me. You have never forgotten me. Never. How great is your goodness to me . I have forgotten You and many other people who have been close and good to me.

Indeed, a mother cannot forget her baby, just as You never leave me. How consoling it is to remember, and to know, that You have imprinted my name on the palm of Your hand. I cannot understand Your goodness. I simply cannot comprehend why You can be so good. I can only thank you. How can I ever thank you completely? How can I return the goodness I have received from You?

Sustain me, Jesus. The night is long. The crisis ahead of me is still long. There are still so many decisions to make, many dreams to accomplish and still so many plans to execute. Jesus, sustain me, for by myself I am only bound to fail. If You are with me, who can be against me?

Jesus, I want to be Your friend. I want to be Your best friend. I don’t know how to go about it. My ambition prevents me from proceeding. My jealousy stands in the way. My obsessions, my wrong priorities, my covetousness, the little devils in my heart, they worry me a lot. I want to be Your friend. I want to be Your best friend. I don’t know how to do it. I would like people to be reminded of You when they see me. I would be honored if they called me Jesus. I would be embarrassed if they called me Judas. But really, Lord, I feel that very often that is who I am. You have considered me Your friend, as You have considered Judas Your friend. But I have not been faithful to You. Jesus, help me to be Your friend. Help me to do it, by Your grace.

Lord, bless our friends and our loved ones.
Lord, keep our friends safe from harm and danger.
Lord, bless our enemies and those who do not love us.
Lord, help us to care for those who malign us.
Lord, bless those who are in pain of body.
Lord, bless those who have anxiety of mind.
Lord, bless those who are in sorrow of heart.
Lord, bless those who are lonely because their loved
ones have died.
Lord, bless those who are old.
Lord, bless those who are left alone by their friends.
Lord, bless those who have made a mess out of life.
Lord, bless those who have fallen into temptation like
Lord, bless those who want to begin again.
Lord, bless those who are in trouble.
Lord, bless those who are lost.
Jesus, let me be Your friend, always a friend, a faithful

Jesus In My Heart

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