Let us talk about injustice.

There are two lessons about injustice that I wish to propose. One, we should not call injustice by any other name except injustice. We should not call sin a psychological abnormality. We should not call abortion as being pro-choice. We should not call adultery just a responsible sexual relationship. We should call sin, sin. We should call abortion, abortion. We should call crime, crime and we should not soften the impact of sin.

The second point is that once we call sin, sin, we must call for restitution. We must call for a restoration into a life of grace because of sinfulness. The gospel then adds that the climax of everything is forgiveness.

After we have called sin, sin; and have asked for justice, reparation and restitution; there is no other step except mercy.

Brothers and sisters, how do we look at injustice? When we speak of injustice I do not speak only of the Abu Sayyaf killing innocent Christians in Mindanao. When I speak of injustice, I am probably referring to the negligence of your loved ones in giving you the love you think you deserve. When I speak of injustice, I speak of children and parents who feel that they are not loved enough and that they are taken for granted.

In the face of such injustice, we can only say, “You are negligent.” We can only say, “You owe me.” But once it is said, we must say, “There is hope. Let us begin again”. The problem is, it is so easy for us to call sin, sin but we find it so difficult to offer mercy for sin.

2 Sam 12:1-23
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Lord God in these times we cannot do anything but to pray that many misguided souls be converted. Lord please help us.

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