One of our favorite past times is gossiping and fault-finding. It is very easy for us to say that other people are worse than us, that other people are more immoral than us. Some of us even think that other people are more savage than we are.

If you are tempted to consider yourself better than others as to pass judgment on them, let me just ask you a few questions. The first question is this: do you know the whole story? Do you know the complete story? Can you read hearts? Second question: Are you sure that when faced with the same crisis and temptation, you will not fall? Shouldn’t you rather be grateful that the same temptation was not yours? Shouldn’t you rather humbly tell God that if the same crisis were yours, you would have been a worse case? Lastly, do you believe in the grace of God? If you do, how come you have closed yourself by passing judgment on others so easily?

If you still believe in the grace of God, you must believe that the worst sinner can still convert.

Prov 20:19
Jesus In My Heart

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