Lord, we are ashamed because of what we have done with our lives. We are ashamed because of the innocence we shattered, because of the goodness we stole, because of the sins we introduced into the lives of people. We have not broken the cycle of sin. We have not broken the cycle of scandal. We have not broken the cycle of evil.

People sinned against us and we have sinned against other people. People led us to sin, we led other people to sin. People shattered our innocence and we shattered other people’s innocence as well. People stole our holiness and we ran off to plunder the childlike holiness of many friends. Now we feel the weight of fear over the consequences of our actions. We are afraid of the consequences of what we have done, of the sin that we have done to other people.

Lord, pardon us. Wash away our faults, wash away our iniquities. We were fresh, we were new on the day of our baptism. Restore us to that goodness, restore that purity of soul. While it is too late to return to our original innocence, may we realize the value of self-sacrifice in our lives, so that the magnitude and expanse of our evil may be overcome by Your power, by Your goodness, by Your mercy.

Lord, forgive us for leading other people into sin. Lord, forgive the people who introduced us into sin.

Jesus In My Heart

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  1. I know I’m far from being a saint ,but I love Jesus and Mama Mary so I tried very hard to be a better person today than yesterday

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