There is so much suffering in the world. Many of these sufferings that people endure could have been avoided if only there were more among us who are more just and concerned, humble and serving.

There are two ways of correcting the injustice that we see in the world today. The first one was done by the prophet Micah. He stood up and spoke against it. He condemned the injustice that he saw. One way of fighting evil is to speak and protest against it.

The second way of fighting evil was shown by the Lord According to the evangelist, the Lord did not say a word. He just went around consoling the distressed, curing the sick and giving hope to those who were lost.

Both ways are effective. And yet when we look at ourselves, we realize that the evil around us comes from our lack of faith. There is so much evil in the world because our activities against evil are not rooted in prayer. Who are those who change the world? Who are the most effective helpers of the poor? The ones who truly change the world are the sisters who are constantly at prayer in the convents. We do not see them issuing press releases to condemn unjust structures. They change the world in prayer and through prayer. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was once asked, “What is your secret?” She answered, “Our secret is our hours of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.”

When a holy person kneels down to pray, the whole world trembles.

Lk 4:16-19
Jesus In My Heart


  1. Amen po Bishop Soc🙏
    Thank you po for a meaningful reflections…may the Lord Almighty always protect you from any harm🙏

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