Many people suffer from heart attacks, not because they eat the wrong food, but because they have so many worries some people get skin diseases, such as eczema because their worries eventually find release in eruptions on their skin.

St. Luke was a doctor and he also knew that when you worry much, these worries can find expression through bodily illnesses. That is why in the gospel, in order to explain the sickness of the woman, Peter says, this woman is bent in mind and body. The woman was sick in mind and it was expressed in her stooped position. Her worries of 18 years bore down on her shoulders.

Today, the Lord breaks the news that He cannot tolerate suffering another day. My dear brothers and sisters, who among us does not have a secret worry or a secret sickness? We reveal some of our sicknesses to our doctors. But many of our spiritual ailments, many of the worries we are afraid to share even with our confessors and spiritual directors, God knows. God knows how deformed our souls have become. God knows how stooped our hearts have become because we have been suffering all these years.

Today at Mass, let us close our eyes and in the silence of our hearts, let us listen to the soothing and gentle words – “you are free from infirmity.” Believe that it will happen, not tomorrow, but right now. Believe that when you receive the Eucharist, the Lord will also whisper in your ears, “You are free from everything that bends you, weighs you down. You are free from everything that causes you sleepless nights. You are free from all these. You are free because you are a child of God.’

Lk 13:10-13
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Lord, Jesus, you are my Divine Healer. You Alone can heal me for I have grieved you by sins. I am sorry for all my sins and transgressions. Thank you, dear Jesus my Savior and my Friend.

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