All of us have our own passions. Human passion is a force and energy. The apostles, St. James and St. John, were very passionate men who loved the Lord intensely and wanted to stay as close to Him as possible. They made sure of this by sitting at His right and left. Unfortunately, their passion was tainted with ambition. The Lord had to purify their passion into true love without ambition.

Passion is a positive energy. You do not destroy it, but rather, you purify it. The Lord saw through James. He said, “James, you love me so much which is why you want to sit at my right. Unfortunately, you are ambitious. Let me purify your ambition, but I will not take away your passion.”

Do you ever meet people whom you do not quite like? Could they have a positive passion in them which you feel is tainted with something impure?

But the Lord tells us, “Do not throw out people because they have negative characters. Rather, see the positive passion in them, purify it and allow the good to come out.” When the good comes out, we are able to make saints.

St. James was like that. He was passionate, but his passion was tainted with ambition. The Lord purified it and James became a passionate lover. Let us pray that our passions be purified. Let us pray that we be patient with each other’s tainted passions.

Lk 9:51-56
Jesus In My Heart

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