When you hear the word sinner, who do you remember?

Some of you will remember a philandering husband. Some of you will remember a nagging wife, a government official who is corrupt or has mistresses. some of you will perhaps remember dishonest customs or BIR personnel, or the prostitutes of Ermita, But when God says “I have come to call the sinners,” He is not talking of only the people mentioned above, or even of any other person, but YOU.

When you hear the word sinner, do not think of other people. Remember yourself!

You must tell yourself, “When I hear the word sinner, I must remember that I am a sinner.” Because if you hear the word sinner, and the first person that comes to your mind are other people, then you have actually committed a sin of self-righteousness.

When God said, “I have come to call sinners.” He was not actually playing favorites. He was actually saying, “I have come to call all men and women,” because all men and women are sinners.

Again, ask yourself, who do you remember when you hear or read the word “sinner”?

If, the first time I asked you this, the first person who came to your mind was another person, be very careful.

Lk 7:37
Jesus In My Heart

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