Dear Jesus, I have so many sins I am so ashamed of: so many sins I am afraid would be exposed; so many sins that I tremble in fear to admit before anybody.

But there is nothing I can hide from You. I can lie and cover up my lies with one lie after another lie but this only brings me to a world of illusions, of make-believe. pretend that I am good.

I mistakenly convince myself that there is nothing wrong with me. I indulge in useless talk to mask my lack of substance.

But I cannot hide forever. I want so much to be liberated from this shell of guilt that imprisons me right at this moment, Lord. I cannot hide forever. I want to be at peace again.

Humbly, dear Lord, I admit my guilt. I have sinned against You, my family and those who trust me. I have sinned against the world.

Jesus, You know everything. You know my sinfulness. But You also know how much I love You. Do not look at my sin; but look rather at my love. Do not look at my faults. Look rather at my will to be good. Do not look at my brokenness; look rather at my original beauty. Jesus, in Herod I see myself. Guilty. In Herod, I see myself at the brink of condemnation. In Herod, I see myself convicted. Lord, spare me from the fate of Herod because I love you.

Lord, You know my guilt; You know my sin. Wash away my guilt. Wash away my sin. Make me new, make me fresh again.

Jesus In My Heart

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