The two readings are related to each other. The first reading talks about roots. It tells us of how King Josiah accidentally discovered a part of the written law of Moses. With this discovery, he realized how far his people have gone and how different they have become from their roots and origin. In remembering our roots, we must also remember how good we should have become.

The gospel, on the other hand, speaks of fruits coming from the same tree. The depth of the roots is judged according to the sweetness of the fruits. If the roots of the tree have not sunk deep enough into the ground, it is very likely that this tree will bear no fruits. Trees that are deeply rooted always bear good and sweet fruits.

Today, the Lord invites us to look into the trees of our lives. First, let us remember our roots. Remember the first time you decided to come to Mass daily. Recall your graduation from the Cursillo or the Life in the Spirit seminar. Return to that day of renewal when you told the Lord, “Lord, I want to be good.” What has happened since then? If we have to be honest and candid with ourselves, we must admit that we have deviated from our roots. The proof of which is our fruits which have become too sour.

Let us beg the Lord for the grace to be able to look back and discover again the grace of our origin, the grace of our first love, the beauty of our childlike innocence. Let us beg the Lord that as we sink our roots more deeply unto Him, we may bear the fruits expected of us.

2 Kings 22:8-13 / Mt 7:16
Jesus In My Heart

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