On the statement of the Lord, “Love one another,” I have three things to propose for reflection. First, it is a command It is not an invitation, a request or an option. It is a command Being a command, it calls for total obedience. We are not left with any choice except to follow His command to love one another. A Christian who says, “I cannot love the other. I will just love another one,” is contradicting himself. Jesus’ statement is a command. It is not an option, a request or an invitation. It is an obligation.

Second, the Lord says to us, “Love one another.” He did not say, “Love one another when you are both young or when you are both healthy.” He did not say, “Love one another when you are not angry anymore.” Or, “Love one another when the other one has stopped offending you.” The Lord only said, “Love one another” without any conditions or limitations.

The fact is, my dear brothers and sisters, we are persons who love to procrastinate. We would rather love one another next week or next year. Yet the Lord tells us the best time to love is not yesterday, not tomorrow. The best way to love by God’s command, “Love one another,” is to love now. If we fall to love one another now, there is a great possibility we will fail to love one another tomorrow or the next moment.

Third, the Lord says, “Love one another as I have loved you.” The Lord did not say, “Love one another as they love you.” Our standard for loving is not the love we have re-received. Our standard for loving is not the love we see in others. Our standard for loving is the love we experience from the Lord Himself.

If our standard of loving is the love we receive from other people, very surely, our love will be imperfect and impure. Our love standard should be the Lord’s.

Today, as we offer our bread and wine, let us keep these three thoughts in mind. It is obligatory to love one another. Loving one another has no conditions. Let us remind ourselves that our model for loving one another is not the love we see in others, but the love God has blessed us with.

Jn 15:17
Jesus In My Heart

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