Lord, you know how overwhelmed I am with the pains in my life. The world is so unfair to me. Everything in it is unfair to me. I am hurting inside and out, I am on the brink of giving up. I long to simply throw up my hands and quit.

Lord, You were also hurt. You suffered inwardly and no one noticed. You cried tears of sadness, no one was aware You openly wept for Your friend Lazarus, no one understood. You have wept with Your hurt also as You struggled to save the world and You were misunderstood. You offered prayers and they doubted. You questioned and they laughed at You. You pleaded and they mocked You. Lord, I want to walk with You because I want to hurt with You. I desire to give You my love. Total love, complete surrender, total faith.

I feel that the hurt is so deep. I feel that the hurt is overpowering me. I feel that the hurt is about to defeat me. There is a deep valley of desolation in me. The dark tunnel is too long. Lord, please give me strength. I don’t like to give up yet. show me where to go, show me what to do. Be my companion. Guide me please, my Lord.

Lord, I renew my belief in Your loving power and strength. I believe that even if I am in difficulty, from the left and from the right, from top to bottom, I will never be hopeless or conquered. Lord, I know that even if there were no answers to my problems, I do not have to give up. I feel I am being persecuted but I know that I will never be alone. You are with me. I may feel that I have been knocked down but I know they will never destroy me. You are with me always, wherever I may be. I can draw strength and courage from Your sufferings, from Your glorious resurrection, Lord, I open myself to Your light shining in my dark tunnel, I open myself to be light shining in the deep well of my problems.

I rejoice in Your overwhelming love.

Jesus In My Heart

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