We learn from the Pharisees how to obey the commandments. They tell us how not to steal; how to keep the Sabbath holy; how to fast and sacrifice; and how to pray. The Pharisees were exemplary in this, and therefore, not condemned for it. But they were condemned for being conceited and proud.

On the other hand, we cannot make the publican or tax collector our model because he was extorting money. He was dishonest, abusive and did not follow the commandments. We cannot follow the publican in this manner.

However, we should follow the publican in his humility, He recognized that he was nothing before God and this pleased God.

Therefore, we see that the Pharisee is not to be completely condemned and the tax collector is not to be completely followed.

There is no one so sinful that he could not be forgiven. There is no one so good that he need not be prayed for. We all need to be prayed for as we are all sinners. There is good in everybody, there is sin in everybody. Let us pick-up the good, let us forget the bad.

Lk 18:10
Jesus In My Heart

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