We are Christians. I thank you Lord for my brothers and sisters who share the same faith with me – people I never thought I would meet. I thank you for people who have become my friends because of the faith that we have received from You.

I thank you Lord, for my father and mother, my brothers and my sisters, for all those who are close to me, for all those who love me.

Jesus, I praise you for all the joys and consolations that I have received from you. I praise you, I thank you and I love you for every trial and difficulty I have to carry, sometimes even secretly, and alone, because you never lack in your love for me. You sustain me in spite of life’s problems.

Jesus, I am sorry for looking at the cross solely as a burden. Jesus, I am sorry for failing to look at the cross as an invitation to greatness. Jesus, I am sorry for looking at every problem solely as a load to be carried. Forgive me, Jesus, for failing to see in every problem Your face, Your guiding hand, Your loving hand.

Forgive me, Jesus, for being the cause of sufferings for other people because of my indifference, my negligence, the hardness of my heart, my selfish concerns, my unfounded fears, unfounded biases and prejudices. Because of my materialism, I have neglected the poor. Because of my sensuality, I have forgotten the spirit of sacrifice. I pamper my body, I spoil my senses. Forgive me Jesus.

Jesus, some problems in my life have remained unsolved. Even if I cannot understand, even if they remain to be problems, I accept them, for my own purification, for the cleansing of my soul, the cleansing of my intentions, for the purity of my heart I thank you for the problems solved. I thank you for the problems still unsolved because even if they are not solved You have been with me, carrying them with me.

Jesus, the problem with my pain is that sometimes, they can make me so selfish. Sometimes they can make me numb. Sometimes I can be more unfeeling about the greater sufferings of more people.

The problem with my suffering is that I might think, sometimes, that I am the only one suffering. Lord open my eyes. Open my heart to the reality of the suffering that a greater number of people have to endure. I neglect to thank them. I have not thanked You even if I suffer less. I only thank you because, great or petty, big or small, you are with me in every problem.

Jesus In My Heart

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