There are some people who irritate us. We’d be hypocrites to say we did not feel bad about anyone. But if we look closely at the people we feel badly about, we may realize they have done nothing wrong to us. We may also realize that some of them are really good. They are good because they tell the truth. They are good because they say what is in their hearts. They are good because they will not do anything they do not believe in. Yet, we feel bad about them, we do not want to get close or talk to them.

We may feel this way about them because they remind us of how bad we are. We feel bad because they tell us the truth and we tell ourselves lies. We feel bad because they are strong and do good things, while we are weak and do bad things.

And what do we do to these people? We spread gossip about them or plot against them. This is in the gospel. The Jews plot to kill the Lord, not because the Lord is bad, but because the Lord reminds them of how bad they have been. Because of the holiness of Jesus, they realize how untruthful and insincere they have been.

Let us make a list of people we feel bad about. Let us examine whether we do not like them because they are bad or because they remind us of our shortcomings.

Jn 11:8
Jesus In My Heart

One Reply to “PEOPLE I DON’T LIKE”

  1. I humbly pray that the People I don’t like (in this Context) will be the People I will LOVE, for they Open not only my Eyes, but more importantly my HEART to be the Person that God wants me to be.
    Thank you for your Thoughts, Bishop Soc. What a beautiful Gift to Us!
    HappYBirthday, Be Blessed ! đŸ˜‡

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