There was once a dying man. Knowing that he was already close to death, he summoned his family to his sickbed. He told his wife, “Tessie, I know that I am already about to die. Please promise me that you will get married again.” His wife protested saying, “No, do not say that. That will never happen.” Then he said, “When I die do not burn my clothes. Give them to your next husband so you will never forget me.” The wife answered, “No, that will never happen. It is impossible.” He then asked, ” Why not?” “How can that happen? You are medium-sized while he is large.” I tell you this story to show you how different are our words to our actions.

What is our mark as Christians, as followers of Christ? We say that we are Christians because we share one faith. We identify ourselves as Christians by words professed in faith through the Apostle’s Creed. Moslems. Protestants and Buddhists do not do that. When the Church teaches that there is one God, when the Church teaches that Mary is the Mother of God, when the Church teaches that there is Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist. we all believe these as Catholics.

The Lord shows us that His disciples are not only identified by one faith. His disciples are also identified by one morality of love. We become members of the Church not only by faith but also by love. It is the kind of faith that you do not merely profess in your lips but also in your heart. It is faith that is translated into action.

My dear brothers and sisters, when the Pope tells us of the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, we believe without discussion. But when the Pope says that contraception and abortion are immoral there seems to be so much discussion. We can be united with our lips. Why can’t we be united with our life and our love?

The call of the times is for us to get together not only in faith but also in morals. We should get together not only with ceremonies and rituals but with life, our common life lived with God.

Are you united with the Lord?

Jn 14:15
Jesus In My Heart

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