Lord, You gave me the Good News to console me when I am are troubled; to replace my confusion with peace. Your Word brings light to my darkness.

But Lord, I know that the gospel is there also to trouble me when my life has become too comfortable. The gospel can also serve to give discomfort when life has become too easy; to shake us out of our smugness; to prick our pleasurable lifestyle.

Our air-conditioned rooms, our access to money, our nice clothes, our beautiful houses can sometimes make us all too easily forget that not all people are blest as we are. Lord, let me share not only from my abundance but from my substance. Let me share not only from the tip of my wallet but from the back of my wallet. Lord, I want to share not only my extra but also what is essential to me.

Lord, help me to share. Help me to become a blessing for other people. Help me to defend the innocent, the lost, the children, the weak and the oppressed. Lord, my life is too comfortable. My life is too easy. There is always food on the table.

Lord, I want to be ready. I want to be willing to take up Your cross, to offer some sacrifice, to follow You.

Jesus In My Heart

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