Jesus, we kneel before You to thank You, to express our love for you. We thank You for exalting Mary, a human being like the rest of us, and yet so blessed with a wonderful son, a special son like You. Blessed indeed is Mary for giving birth to You, Jesus. Blessed is she for her obedience. Blessed is she for her openness to Your divine will and blessed is she for carrying You in her heart. We believe, Jesus, that before Mary, conceived You in her womb, she first conceived You in her heart.

Jesus, we want to be like Mary in her sinlessness but let us be like Mary in her obedience to Your will. We cannot be like Mary in her innocence because we have stained our souls. Lord, may we who can no longer imitate Mary in her innocence, imitate her by putting Your words into our hearts and by living by them. In a world that is so tired of violence, of hatred and discord, You are the King of Peace and Mary is the Queen of Peace, too.

Bless our nation. Bless our troubled world with that much longed-for grace – peace. Bless our hearts with peace. Bless our families with peace. Reconcile quarreling husbands and wives. Reconcile quarreling parents and children. Reconcile quarreling friends. Reconcile us all. Heal all relationships, Lord. Heal all brokenness. Heal our hearts from the woundedness caused by sin.

We welcome You into our hearts. Remain there. Be our king. Be our guest now and until the end of our lives. We welcome You into our hearts. Be our king, our one and only king. Be our guest, our one and only Lord.

Jesus In My Heart


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