Some people are lucky, while others seem to be born losers. Of the two, Mary belongs to the former. She was lucky to have been immaculately conceived, to have become the mother of God and to have been assumed into heaven body and soul. How lucky she was!

For sure, we were not immaculately conceived and can never be the mother of God. But the good news on this feast of Mary’s Assumption is that we, too, will be assumed body and soul into heaven when our tum comes. It is one blessing we share with Mary.

The assumption of her body and soul is a preview of what will happen to us at the end of time, if we remain faithful. We, too, will see our bodies and souls glorified when Jesus Christ comes to judge the living and the dead if we are found worthy of this honor and glory.

Have you ever experienced being loved even when you are ugly? Have you experienced being loved even when you are unfaithful? Have you experienced being loved by a friend you betrayed? If you have, then you’ve had a prelude of the kind of love God has for us.

God’s love excites me. God’s love makes us excited – our hearts pumping faster – because we are loved despite what we are.

Mary is loved and so are you. You, too, will one day be assumed into heaven, body and soul. The aches, worries and pains you experience now will disappear and your soul will be glorified as Mary’s was.

Thank God you are a Christian and a child of God. Thank God for this preview of your future through Mary’s assumption.

Rev 12:1-6
Jesus In My Heart

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